The Flagship Oak Steakhouse opened in 2003 on the historic Broad St in Charleston, S.C.


Oak Steakhouse is a classic American steakhouse that  features PRIME Certified Angus Beef.  We are a proud partner with Certified Angus Beef and we are excited to offer our Prime beef selections to you. 


Since 2003, we have grown our family to five other Oak Steakhouses. 


We hope you get a chance to visit us at


  • Oak Steakhouse Charlotte, N.C.,

  • Oak Steakhouse Raleigh, N.C.,

  • Oak Steakhouse Alexandria, V.A.

  • Oak Steakhouse Nashville, T.N.

  • Oak Steakhouse in Alpharetta, G.A.



" Oak has emerged as one of the best and most distinguished steakhouses in the country "

John Mariani, virtual gourmet


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